London Graphic Designer Required

Lorden Partial

New Member
hi all,

i work for a large corporate online retailer. theres a job opening for a graphic designer. usually they pass the role straight to an agency, that takes a cut, know very little about anything, and send in temps that dont have any passion for design. so im personally trying to source creative types with a suitable skill set.
if your interested, drop me a line, with your portfolio, brief cv outline or something similar. if you havent got an online portfolio, i cant put you forward.

day to day its banner creation, no flash, but can include many other graphical requests. creativity is not high, but you will need to be comfortable manipulating packshots, retouching, and have a good eye for layout.
youll need to be quick and adaptable to changing briefs. usual adobe suite. good organisation skills in terms of files important, as they do get passed around.

its london based, dont know what the pay is, prob common for this type of role.

contact me sooner than later as im compiling a recommended shortlist to put forward.