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Hi there guys

I am completely baffled as to what is going on with a logo I am working on at the moment. It is built in Illustrator, yet when I export it as a jpeg (high res for print) the edges of the letters look like they have been coloured in with felt tip.

I have tried to trace it and colour the new logo myself but the same happens :(

Can anyone have a look at the attached pleased. Export to pdf and you will see what i mean.

Please help!!


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If you are working in vector why are you exporting to a rasterized file for print? Why aren't you exporting to vector PDF?
This is what happens when JPEGs are created. The way they work is by compressing similar data and as trade off to decreasing the memory size of the file, the quality suffers, introducing 'artefacts' (pixelised areas).
JPEGs are really only useful for four colour images such as photos where the effects of the compression aren't as evident. JPEGs aren't good at handling large areas of block colours.
As the other guys have said if the logo is created in Illustrator, why aren't you exporting it as an EPS or a PDF and using that? Vector files saved as EPSs don't break up whatever the scale as they are based on maths rather than resolution (very layman's explaination!)

Try that and you'll see the difference.

You guys are awesome - i guess you can tell my inexperience. The thing was, the guy wanted to use in Microsoft Word and for some reason I thought it would only allow jpegs. .eps works great.
erm...sorry - but what about for digital representation. As a signature for example. I guess i cant get round losing the quality there?
Sorry - just to clarify, by signature I mean converting the vector for an email signature. So it has to be quite small in size (< 1 MB)