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I have an enquiry from an old work mate. He paid £40 for a new logo from [redacted - Levi, moderator] and didn't like it. He emailed me asking if I could tweak the logo and just enhance it. He has already started to use the logo places and felt committed to the design. I didn't feel comfortable about this so I declined. Funny thing is, I had another enquiry this week asking the same 'Please use my logo but enhance it'.

What is best practice in these instances?
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I don't understand what you mean by 'best practice'. You either want the work or you don't.

Why did you not feel comfortable about redesigning someone's logo?


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Tell them the age old adage...you can only pick 2 from good, cheap, fast....

Best practice... give them a quote for the work and then listen to them moan about how much your quote is versus the 'cheap one' they already have and now need 'reworking'. Then you'll likely not have to worry about it any more because it's unlikely they'll want to pay a 'fair rate' for your services if they went for the cheapest option first (we don't agree with crowdsourcing or undervaluing our work on this site).


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How many hours will it take - what's your hourly rate:

Time x Rate = cost

If they don't like it they can go somewhere else.