Logo revamp

Matthew Butler

New Member
I'm trying to revamp this somewhat abysmal logo:
It was made a few years back by a kid of about 10 on MS Paint! (It's for a Christmas Kids drama group Treehouse Productions)

I'd like to make it look vaguely professional, and ideally it would look like:

Realistic looking Christmas tree (not decorated, not in a pot, but possibly with a star on top) with a treehouse on the right hand side, and then TREEHOUSE PRODUCTIONS on the right hand side (so a long and thin rectangle (I was thinking 800 x 200)). I am quite good at graphics in general, but not at making stuff from scratch. Does anyone have any suggestions for making my tree w/ house? I have Illustrator CS6, and would be fine at doing the rest of the logo, if someone would be kind enough to instruct/have a go at the tree for me. Many thanks!