Logo Refresh - Critical Analysis Request


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Hello All,

I am in the process of refreshing the brand identity of the company I work for. It is a small company, based in the UK, we design medical devices predominantly for use in the developing world. The products are simple and effective solutions to a variety of areas in the medical field. As the main designer I am responsible for the product design as well as the literature, graphics and soon-to-start web design.

With the refresh, I want to create an identity that is recognisable in its own right. We have a core product that already has a strong ID all of its own, but it and a group of other products (which have a graphic ID based on the first) fall under the umbrella of the company brand. I want to be able to place the two together and for them to not look out of place.

So I am concentrating on the logo at the current time and would like some criticism from people in the field who are conversant with what makes a 'sound' logo. I want to use the logo as a vehicle for future literature and the structure of the website and its style, so it is important that I 'get it right' and can present and propose the change to the directors with confidence. Having a professional forum's advice and/or support/credence would without doubt lend significant weight to the project.

I have experimented with 'negative space' in the second concept. The logo needs to be clear and precise on products of varying sizes, some of which are transparent, so the balance of ink to clear space is important I feel.

Please be as honest as possible as I am keen to learn about this area of graphic design and hopefully develop the potential of the brand using sensible but intelligent design.

Logo Design - a set on Flickr

Many thanks for reading the post, and I look forward to your comments.
Personally, I think the last option, the blue and white version, is the strongest by far. For the former two I feel that the overall circle shape itself drowns out the finer details and makes it a weaker, less recognisable symbol. I would focus on that version and try to make it even stronger and bolder in feel.

Due to the colour scheme and the star between blue lines, the blue and white version does have a bit of a flag-of-Israel-mashup feel to me, but that might just be me.

Blue and white is perhaps the obvious colour choice for a medical context, but that means it's worthwhile trying something completely different and less traditional as well. It may start looking a little too formal and institutional if that colour scheme is applied across the visual identity.

Those are my immediate thoughts at least.

Can I be a little brutal if I may?

They're all in need of work but the idea is there.

I like the last one the most but I feel like if you going to have the top line hit the star then the bottom needs to hit as well as the bottom line looks completely lost:icon_rolleyes:

....saying that, everytime I look at the 2nd one (B&W) I like it a little bit more :icon_smile:

Any chance of posting your companies original logo?
They are all pretty good, but to be honest without understanding your brief apart from the medical equipment for developing worlds we have no idea of judging it against your final goal.

It seems to be that loads of people just bash up logos to look pretty - without really visualising the brand, and its target audience.

Sorry, rant over - on looks though pretty good :)