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I am working at present for a small LHP occult publisher called fallofman at present, designing a logo for a new sister press called Nox Sine Occasu (which translates night without end). I did a selection of brain storming ideas (which are by no means finished, for example the NSO overlapped letters one is just an idea and by no means developed) noxsineoccasu-concepts2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! and I was wondering what people thought.

The publisher at present likes the triangle series, and the infinity overlapped with the moon idea. Though I am trying to find ways to develop these ideas further, I want them to both be modern but also keep some of the mysticism of occult symbols. I was using the satanic cross as an inspiration (hence why it is plastered on the page). The triangle series (with the moon), is supposed to reference the magical union of male and female and, but also reference sigils of binding and evocation for example.

I admit I have resorted to cliche symbols for night (moon) and neverending (infinity loop), so I am open to new ideas that create a more subtle idea (I was trying to have two moons next to each other to imply infinity, but this did not work in any version I made).

I feel out of the occult publishers I see around, XOANON achieves this union the best XOANON
For me, I think the one that's strongest visually is the hourglass. Can you do something with the 'sand' inside it? Perhaps the sand in bottom is creating a night scene somehow? Also, it may prove to be a little too complicated, but I'd quite like to see the infinite shape combined with the hourglass (an infinite hourglass if you like), with the sand residing inside the negative space of the loops.
I really like 3rd from left for its simplicity, its quite striking but it doesn't fit the 'occult' publisher thing going on, the 2nd up on the left is also attractive, I like the play on 'infinity' with the Futura 'S' but I can see why they are keen on the triangle series... what about placing a white quarter moon (or thinner) inside the triangle, as if its sitting on the bottom of the triangle and leaning on the left side of the triangle, touching on both side as if the white of the moon bleeds out to the expanse of white around the triangle, I hope you dont mind but I knocked something up to give you an idea of what i mean, it got my mind going...

Thank you all for your feedback, I have started to develop the hourglass further. The idea is that the old moon is fading away and becoming a new moon, repeating a cycle of endless night. I did try and put an infinity or an ouroboros snake on or around it, but they did not seem to work.

I have also tried creating my own S which looks like an infinity sign. If people could give some feedback on these further ideas it would be very appreciated.

NSO-Logos Ver 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A galaxy themed version:

NSO-Galaxy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I really like it. A few things I'd suggest you try. Replace the small crescent moons with 5 point stars/pentagrams (may look better as a solid shape at smaller sizes), and maybe rotate the moon in the top half of the hourglass 90 degrees. You may have tried this already, but I'd like to see how it looks as a 'traditional' crescent. And show us a simple black and white version without the star field background :)
I had not tried turning the moon actually, the idea was to use the thought chain from the 3rd left logo to imply an infinity sign with the moons. But it was not obvious and I think there is a certain charm to the traditional moon shape in this incarnation of the logos. I have done 8 in total, each with subtle differences. Some with pentagrams, some with moons, some with pentagrams/moons in the outer circle and some without anything.

I am playing with keeping the stars solid, but I will do that in the next version.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

NSO-logos 4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I like it. I also like the bottom-right with the pentagrams between the type (though I'd be tempted to turn them into solid stars for the sake of legibility).
I think like in the top ones. It helps to break up the symmetry of the shape within the hourglass. Plus, when it's rotated the other way, it's not as legible because the line of 'sand' interferes with the crescent shape.