Logo for my freelance company (newbie)

Danny Williams

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Hi there, I am new on here and am currently looking into starting my own business. The name I have chosen is Allincreative (all in creative). I just wanted some opinions on the logo I have come up with. Any criticism welcome as it might help my potential business!!


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It's a fine stretch of the imagination to get "all in creative" from that, it's like an episode of Catchprase.
I like the idea but as the letters are t & i and not l & l I don't think it works at the moment.

Do you own the associated domain names?
Agree with Hankscorpio, I think it's too far imagination wise, I had to try and decipher it too. Are you set on the name Allincreative Danny? Any sketches or ideas for other approaches?
Hi Danny Williams,
It's really great that you are starting a new business. According to the best of my knowledge logo is designed is quite good, but I think it's fonts could be more creative for getting maximum customer attention.