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As I don't start my Graphic Design course till June I thought I would sort out my branding, get my website set up and start offering free services to friends and family to start my portfolio off. This week I have been working on a logo for an old pal who is setting up his own record label. I have submitted it to the client and he is over the moon with it, but I am still learning and before submitting it I didn't get any feedback from tutors or anyone in the design business - so I thought I would come here for some professional critique, to see if there is anything I could/should have done differently which I can learn from and keep in mind when working on future projects.

Record Label Logo Design. : Trudy Collins Creative - Click here to see the Record Label Logo, and here you can see my branding as well - Feedback on both would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Trudy Collins
Hi Trudy,

I really like this and I get it straight away, but the logo mark isn't very unique on it's own. In fact it reminds me of the Stumbleupon logo a little bit. I'm wondering if you could tie the type into the design somehow, maybe the way the t and r join together could be the wave in the shape?
I agree with Paul, the logotype says pesi to me, I'd stay with the concept but just tweak it to gain a bit of a 'voice'
Thankyou for your feedback everyone! (also apologies for the delayed reply... :icon_blushing:)

Paul: The fact that you like it and get it straight away I take as a massive compliment, so thankyou very much! I kind of see what you mean about the stumbleupon logo (believe it or not I had never come across this site/logo before.. I must have been missing out, I've just signed up in fact!) I did try including the text within the icon but felt it looked too busy, but I didn't try creating the wave out of the 't' and 's' - great idea! If I get time I'll try and give this a go, but as I have a few projects I need to be moving on to, and as the client is more than happy with it as it is (plus i'm not making any money from this..) I may have to use this advice for future projects - but it's great to know what I could/should have done differently, always useful to learn from! :thumb:

Tom: Nooo! My earlier designs had a series of 3 waves going across, I scrapped this as I firstly felt it needed simplifying.. and secondly i felt it resembled the Pepsi logo too much. So the fact that my updated design still says Pepsi is rather annoying... nothing I can really do about it now (well there is I just don't have the time!) thank you for your feedback! I will try to figure out how to add 'voice' to my future projects :thumb:

Clarke Creative: thank you for your input, when you figure out where you may or may not have seen the logo before, please keep it to yourself.. I'd rather not know, :icon_biggrin:
Trudy, this is great; I can certainly see where the others are coming from but it is still an elegant concept, delivered well.

I can't wait to bug you for advice when we start the course!