Logo designer needed


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A few years ago i used to do web design as a hobbie i wasnt the best i was ok but as i got older i lost interest but now i am currently setting up a website for my business and even though i didnt design logos i have designed a logo i like it is just needing a logo designers magic touch, the icon just needs a bit of a better finish and i cant for the life of me find a text to go with the icon i have a few i like but just dont feel it looks right with the icon, so if someone could please takes some time out of there day to help me, obviously this is paid work and we can negotiate a price. I want to hear from the best very good designers, pm me for more info.

Hi Aftermath,

I work for a graphic design company and if the offer is still there, we would be happy to help you out with your logo and anything else that you require. If you need any more information you can contact me via;

E-Mail : [email protected]
Skype : samcowleygb

Kind Regards,