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Hi All,

Im in the process of designing a logo for a company called 'Storey Leisure' and here is what I have so far:
. I was thinking to place the name initials (SL) above the name. I was wondering if you had any ideas as to which font would look good and/or weather you think this is a good idea.

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It's not saying leisure at all, in fact, it's saying 'Jail' or 'Law firm'. My old lecturer would tell you to rip it up and start again, and I'd be nodding behind him.

It's not saying leisure at all, in fact, it's saying 'Jail' or 'Law firm'. My old lecturer would tell you to rip it up and start again, and I'd be nodding behind him.

My old lecturer did use to rip up/chuck out our work if it was considered 'cr*p'. A bit harsh and occasionally people (me too) were in tears after the 'constructive critism', but he used to say that if he lied and said it was good just to be kind than he would be doing us injustice as we wouldn't get anywhere, wouldn't be prepared for the real world and he wouldn't be doing his job properly as a tutor!
Aye, I like the formal look but for a leisure company I automatically think fitness, fun, swimming pool rapids and wave machines, squash, football and weekend karate lessons lol

Have a good minddump, a quick search on Google Images should give a nice idea of colour, and I can think of some good ideas playing with the word 'Storey' the way it's pronounced and leisure.

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What kind of Leisure company is it?
Does it sell goods?
Is it a leisure centre?

Your logo should give an idea of what the company does. . . as the name doesn't really say much about it. Don't worry about colour at the moment - the logo will have to work in black/white in newspaper adverts. faxes, emails etc. Colour will be the easy bit!!
That's not a logo, it's just some type. Not especially great type at that. Firstly, get a pen and paper and THINK. What do the company do, what kind of company are they, what symbols might best represent that? Is it something literal, like an eagle or whatever, or something abstract, like the NIke swoosh. How do you want people to feel when they look at it. What do you want them to take away?

As someone else said, colour isn't important at this stage - it just complicates things.

Logo design 101.
Hi Oliver

Try a quick something, just make the Storey Leisure in the font HANDLED and change too a sort of petrol blue colour.

Keep the text under the same but make it 30% smaller than the Storey Leisure but still keep it black and still underneath.

See what that looks like for now, then im sure you will get other idea

Good Luck.:icon_thumbup:

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It looks like you've gone straight to computer with this. Just sketch some ideas and you'll see that you'll be more creative and the ideas will flow. If you go straight to computer you're stifling your ideas and you could probably come up with 20 good ideas rather than one that doesn't work.
No problem. Its just a more creative way of working. You might find that the logo you started with doesn't even come in your top 5 when you look at your sketches. Just an idea. Good luck.