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Hi! everyone,

I would like to introduce the logo is for animal shelter, and the company called furbuddy.

I’m looking for feedback or any thoughts after saw my Logo design please feel free to comment, see the attached pic and let me know what you think?

Any comment and feedback would be appreciated!

Melissa Christine

logo design-03.jpg


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It looks fine to me. I see the B, is there supposed to be an F there too?

Personally, I would tweak the dog a bit - the neck goes a bit thin and he could be a bit bigger in relation to the cat maybe.

I think the tag line could be tweaked a bit too. I would try it a tiny bit smaller, less spacing, and bolder font.


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I think having only one animal in it will be ok for the logo. and also check the font you used for the 'speak out for them. the kerning and tracking should be checked

Amit Bassi

Is it the cat with the dog in logo? I like the colors you've used but the two animals in the logo are looking odd, i think one animal is enough!


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Dog and cat are the most common pets In our society so it makes sense to use them in the logo also because of the word ‚them‘ used in the slogan.
The ‚f’ is clearly missing. If you are a pro you could try to shape an f with the dog and cat in the negative space. But that’s another level and you would have to change the letter B to balance it out.
It is confusing that your logo name is in lowercase ‘furbuddies’ but you use the B in upper case above.
Kerning and recking is also not good. But I like the colours.