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Hi Guys

I've got my own online store nearly 90% complete but I really need a logo for my shop, it's a consumer electronics shop if anyone is up for it?

Let me know please, thanks.
Hi there

I hope you don't mind me asking but what budget have you set aside for logo design? We get a lot of requests for logo design from people with unrealistic budgets so just thought I would ask.

You will get a better response from members if we know the above information.


How long is a piece of string?

It all depends really, anywhere from £100 upwards with the majority being in the region of £250-£500 (ish), at the end of the day you get what you pay for, if you pay $20 it will more than likely look $20.

Do you already have a design/idea in mind?
He's only willing to pay £10 for a logo. Just had this after asking for £15 upfront for a quick basic logo:

how you expect me to pay u upfront you design it first let me see then i pay you i wil pay you if u design if u want upfront then i wont give upfront how would i know ur design be good enough anyways up to you take care bye
wel u offer me £20 and i said £10 then u were like £15 then i go ok deal now at least show me a demo of my logo before u give me the full version i wil pay you if you cant do then i dont think you can design mate
Sorry but only wanting to pay £10 for a logo is a bit of an insult really. I have done stuff for free in past although mainly design for print but clients always give a testimonial and give me further work which they do pay for.

If you are on here asking for someone to do you a logo and someone has offered to do it for a bargain price - to then haggle it down to a point where its not even worth the designers blood and sweat is really off to be honest.

I know a few forums where if you had asked for a logo that cheap they would have taken the decision to just ban you on the spot. Unless someone is offering services for free - your going to have to pay the going rates I'm afraid.

Don't mean to come across as harsh or anything - just think you need to have a rethink - designers have bills to pay as well as yourself.

On a side note - having dealt with Timmo in the past - I can highly rate his work.
Didn't anybody read what I wrote :icon_Wall:

@ Fardeen, if Timmo is prepared to do it for £15 then just pay him the money and see what he comes up with, hardly going to break the bank is it!

@ Timmo, you must have a lot of free time on your hands? £15? I wouldn't even type the word "logo" for £15.

You are vastly under selling graphic design if you are offering to do a logo for £15.

You should be spending a couple of hours sketching out some designs, then maybe another 2 or 3 hours creating 3 options for the client to choose from. You will then undoubtedly have some tweaking time where you refine the logo, choose the correct pantone colours etc etc.

Minimum time spent (for me anyway) would be 6 hours to come up with a good logo. Complex logos can be much longer.

So going by your rate you would be charging £2.50 per hour :icon_scared:


To offer £10 - £15 for a logo isn't going to get you anywhere with a professional graphic designer. Most designers wouldn't pick up the telephone for that amount.

You will also find that most designers will take a deposit up front before any work starts because now and again a client will have visuals created then never be heard of again leaving the designer with time unpaid for. The deposit covers the initial concept design stage.
logo for a tenner

Have to agree with that really, £10 or even £20 makes it less than slave labour. A decent logo will cost an average of £350, anything less you would risk getting a half hearted job.

In real terms think about how long it would take to create a good logo, and then just work out the hourly rate. £10 won't even get you an hour – would you really want someone to spend such a small amount of time on something that represents your company?
The only reason I quoted him this is because I have some blank logo designs I made and am just really trying to build up my portfolio.
Just to say, when I started out and had nothing in my portfolio I didn't do anything for free. I charged what I thought was the lower end of the design fee scale, but I never did anything for free.

Sell yourself mate, you'll be glad of it in the end :)
Doing things for free is fine for to start I think.

I would never consider charging a measly amount of £10-£15, it's more hassle than it's worth and the client wont value you anywhere near as much.

Personally, designing for free does me fine at the moment, as I cannot make any guarentee's about the final product. Once I've got in my groove as it were then I can be confident in exactly what I'm offering and prices and such. Of course if you're already confident in what you do, definitely charge a reasonable sum, although as Pixels says expect to lower your prices a little to start with.

Also, I agree that haggling an offer of £20 down is a major insult, I would consider anyone haggling down anything under £50 for an unproven designer insulting. Get real fardeen.
Agreed TBH Fardeen.

Like any other person in employment, designers need to get paid. They do brilliant jobs who provide you with great final products. You don't go to a newsagents asking if they'll give you 50% off a 40p newspaper, it's already cheap as chips and it'll give you what you want and more.