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I am a little bit lost - I have NO idea where to begin with my logo. I am starting a spray tanning business and want to have my own logo for the website, clothing, business cards, etc, etc.

I have an IDEA of what I want but am struggling to do it myself. (Despite the dumbed down tutorials for photshop).

If I give a brief description of what I would like, would someone be able to contact me with either what kind of price we're looking at or where I should actually be asking (if this isnt then right website :icon_scared: ).

I'm going to struggle to describe what I'm imagining now, so if anyone wants more info just give me an email. Or if someone has a better idea, thats great too. After all, your the pro's.

Its called Kiwi Tanz. Im thinking of having the text all lower case except the NZ (being from New Zealand). Id like the text to be the logo - looking hand written, tropical, beach-like, or something with browns, bronzes, golds and maybe some earthy colours like olive green?? :icon_dunno:

I want the background to be a natural tanned (bronze) colour, the text to be the logo and have the corner of the text sliding/peeling off so that where you can see whats behind the text, it is pale skin coloured (like a natural tan line, if you get what im imsgining - like it was spray tanned then the corner has peeled away)

I would like it to look like the background tan colour has been sprayed on (like the dust effect, getting lighter away from the text) - like the dust effect on this tutorial
Abstract Dust And Spray Effect | Tutorial9
- i even like the swirl things on this example.

If someone can let me know if this is do-able, if I'm asking in the wrong place, or being to picky:icon_hide:...let me know.

Im also open to suggestions.

THANKS :icon_blushing:

Thankyou all!!

Thankyou everyone for your help!!:icon_notworthy:

I have found someone to help!!! :icon_biggrin: Im recommending this site to everyone!

Cheers :icon_cheers: