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Hi there, just wanted some advice really.

I have done some freelance work for a work colleague and stupidly didn't agree a price first. He is setting up a new business and myself and a friend designed five logos for him and he wants to use four of them as he likes them so much. I have given him a price of £90 for the four logos plus design of all business stationery her requires, as well as organising all the print for him. I thought this was a very good deal, but he seems to think it is unreasonable. What are your thoughts on this very awkward situation?

Thanks very much for your help.
I think your work colleague has got himself a very good deal indeed. I think if was four times as much it would still be reasonable.
I think your work colleague has got himself a very good deal indeed. I think if was four times as much it would still be reasonable.

Agreed, a VERY good price...send him to this post and we'll tell him who's being unreasonable!!

Although another perfect example of the problems that can arise when not agreeing terms prior to taking on a job.
I don't know how many hours you put in but £90 for all you describe is a giveaway price. If he came to me - even as a start-up - he'd get roughly two hours of my time for that amount and about half an hour of that would be liaising and preparing for handover to the print shop.

Thanks so much guys - you have made me feel so much better, I was beginning to feel like some kind of rip-off merchant! i know I should've pre-arranged a price but you learn from your mistakes hey?! I kind of trusted that he would be fair about it all because I know him - I find the whole thing so awkward, but he obviously has no concept of the value of this kind of work. He is setting up a business, not a charity hey? I'd say it was about 10 hours work so far with a further 3-4 to do, so you're right, it is a bargain! If I didn't know him I would've charged more but I just wanted some expert reassurance that I was being fair, so thanks again x
Well if it takes 14 hours, get him to do his sums and he’ll realise he’s paying you just above the minimum wage. I can’t imagine there will be arguments after that.
Fair to everyone but yourself, I'd say - particularly as he appears to be so pleased with the results. I'd also say that he's fully aware of the value of design input or he wouldn't have sought your help - it's just that he doesn't want to pay even rock bottom price for it, which is something different altogether.

On the charity issue, I work with two non-profit organisations, one big one and one smaller one I've worked with since start-up, and they've both always paid over £40 an hour.
Ask him what he thinks should be the price and you will find out if he really values your (any) design work. It is more than reasonable enough. Some people just like to be cheeky to see if you will do it. :icon_sneaky: