logo design issue?


I have a company who require a full bespoke website, logo and everything. They are International house and commercial moving specialists so their wagons etc will have this logo on and will be seen all over. Now, i have quoted the client for the website and logo (to go on the website) My question is? do i charge the client more as they will be using the logo and exposing it to the world whilst my company make £250 quid.......?????:icon_smile:

your views please!!!!!:icon_Wall:
I don't know what the others think but personally if I needed a logo, the cost I would expect to pay would be for that task alone eg. the designing of the logo and assigning copyright.

I wouldn't expect to pay a premium over anybody else just because my business was successful and the logo would well used.

Just my views from a customers point of view.
Thanks for that mate, i thought as much! i just have one of my designers acting up and i wanted to sort it and shut him up... it will be interesting to see what others think about it? my guess is that customers will think the opposite to the designer!!!!:icon_lol:
As Boss Hog mentioned, if people see you have a big brand's logo in your portfolio then it will gain you extra business, so in a round about way you actually benefit. :icon_thumbup:
Absolutely. The client should pay market rate - and you should maximise marketing opportunity (press release, portfolio, on your website, etc).

We have lots of prestigious clients (corporates / celebs) and do not shout enough.


I'd charge a reasonable rate based on your usual sort of charges and if they are very successful in business this will only result in great kudos for you - so you get 'paid extra' in terms of using their name to attract more new business.

Do you really only charge £250 for coporarte branding? Sounds like you may be underselling yourself. back to the point.... theyre buying the logo from you regardless what they use it for. (but by now you know that already).
The job is worth over 9k i was just making a point that the company would be using it and gaining money and credibility whilst we got peanuts!!:icon_tongue_smilie: