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If you would like to know a bit about me and why I joined the forum, then please read my introduction thread.. [http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/introduction-forum/6994-hello.html]

I have recently been trying to come up with my own branding before I start putting my portfolio/website together, however I am now starting to doubt my abilities as a designer as I have found it so incredibly difficult, after 47.. yes, 47 attempts.. this is what I currently have. I am still not 100% happy, but I just don't know where to go from here.

trudy collins logo.jpg
trudy collins logo grayscale.jpg

I created it in Illustrator and converted it to a jpeg in Photoshop. I came to the conclusion that using my full name as branding is the best option for me. I used small caps for my first name simply because I dislike capital T's (silly I know!) The reason behind the ammonite fossil on the right is slightly personal and I would really like to use it as my identity, but it's the main reason I have been pulling my hair out over this logo, I still don't think the text flows well into the ammonite. If anyone has any suggestions I would very much appreciate them! And the reasons for the blue, other than it is one of my favourite colours, is that in my Avatar photo (which I currently use on social networking sites and plan to use on my website) I am wearing a blue top, so it would link together nicely. I also find the colour blue calming, neutral and it won't put off potential male clients (although I don't think pink really offends men anymore!)

So, all criticism/help/suggestions are welcomed! Many thanks in advance, trudy.collins x
I love that blue but I think that's where it ends for me. In my opinion, the mixture of upper and lowercase text doesn't work very well and regardless of what personal meanings the ammonite holds for you, it tells the viewer that trudyCOLLINS is a geologist or palaeontologist.

Stop thinking of Trudy Collins the person and start think of Trudy Collins the business.
I disagree in regards to the upper and lowercase fonts, I think it "looks nice" which is a technical term, clearly. The blue and the grey works well together and I think I like the font choice although I'm not completely convinced.

However, I do agree with Dave in that the fossil shape does convey geologist or paleontologist, also, if it's giving you a headache thinking about it, maybe it's not the best device for the job? (I'm not saying if something gives you a headache, chicken out, but if you can't get it working in 47 attempts I think that's a clue).
bigdave: thanks very much for the reply and your thoughts, very much appreciated! your comment made me look at the logo in another light, and yes you're right.. the ammonite shape does imply that I work with fossils....... not good! I have since had a rethink, and have ended up creating something completely different (not using my name this time) It was a total 'lightbulb' moment! Thanks again for the help, sometimes it takes someone elses opinion for you to turn your idea around for the better :icon_smile:

Tony Hardy: Thanks so much for your comments! As I said to bigdave, It was your 'paleontologist' comments which made me look at it completely differently, resulting in a complete redesign, one which I am much happier with. I won't be posting it as I am having trouble getting my hands on the domain name, and wouldn't want to risk my chances by putting my idea out there. But thankyou very much for the comments, they really helped :icon_biggrin:

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