Logo design for treat company


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I've designed this logo for my treat box company but can't decide which colour works better. Any advice would be welcome


  • Lucious Treats Pink.png
    Lucious Treats Pink.png
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  • Lucious Treats white.png
    Lucious Treats white.png
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  • Lucious Treats Black.png
    Lucious Treats Black.png
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  • Lucious Treats.png
    Lucious Treats.png
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Apart from the white background they all have legibility issues at smaller sizes, the white isn't exactly great either in all honesty.

While this might sound harsh, I'd actually say you have bigger issues with the logo design than picking the background colour....you first need to be able to read the logo at smaller sizes.


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The string on the tag is going to cause issues in different print scenarios.
It needs to be thicker.


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Same as above really. There are lots of nicer and more practical script fonts out there and the whole thing
doesn't balance well imho. The tag for me would look better hanging from the g maybe. It seems to be just added on there.

Sorry, pink!