Logo design for PGD



a logo design for a company called PGD who help businesses, they wanted a logo for their european side of the company.
I don't think it will scale too well. The map is very detailed and the tagline is way too small compared to the name.
It is fairly difficult to read that small to be honest. Think about how it's going to translate to an avatar, a Twitter picture.

Also, I'm not a fan of the whole idea. I think using pretty much "globe" with Europe on it is very done to death. I also don't think it links in with the name PGD Business Services. Do they service the whole of Europe? Is it only Europe? What services do they offer?

I honestly think you could bring something a lot more accomplished to the table if you went back to the drawing board for a while.
i would choose a different font and simplify the euro map, the colour green personally gives off the wrong impression, blue is a good corporate colour. overall looks good
@ian - yeah the small 1 was photoshop just wanted 2 try quickly what it looked like small as i had photoshop open :D but the original is vector.

@tony - they offer start up services help to people. they have not started in the eu yet but they are going to i no the globe idea is used alot but that is what they want i offered loads of diff concepts but they were adamant on a globe style. i didnt wanna do a vector shiny globe as they r used 2 much. i do agree tho the font needs some work.

@rafa - yes i totally agree blue is better for business but they wanted green :S
The stars are a bit 'fat' for my taste and aren't spaced very well on the left-hand side (and shouldn't there be more of them if it's an echo of the EU device [which I assume it is]?)
What does the company do? I agree with Tony, the globe thing is a little overdone. The best logos always at least hint at what it is the company does.. is there a way to incorporate that?