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Hi, Im new here so hello all.
Im in the middle of redesigning my website and i thought i would take the opportunity to rebrand also. I work for the most part as a freelance artist for games, websites and on occasion some print work. I have been considering changing the name and logo i trade under for a while and was hoping that i could get some honest critique on a possible Name, bitDESIGN, and logo I am considering for the future. Please be a brutally honest as you like.

thanks in advance


I very much like its simplicity; has the look of an established, recognizable brand, if you know what I mean. As a general point, however, although you pull it off quite well ,I am getting a bit tired of the lowercaseUPPERCASE thing.
got rid of the lowercase/UPPERCASE text. are either of these better?


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It's a nice job and looks great against all three grades of background. I'd be well pleased if I were you.
Personally I too am getting tired of the lowercaseUPPERCASE thing, and if you were going to do it the other way then the b and the d would need to be uppercase in my opinion anyway ;)
I guess the lowercaseUPPERCASE thing has its origins in web code or similar but is still lazily used as shorthand for modern and unconventional, despite being old-hat and everywhere.