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Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice please.
I'm starting my own business, making cloth nappies and selling them from home. I've done a logo in Illustrator and was quite pleased with my efforts until I showed it to my friend who told me it made her think of Kama Sutra :icon_eek: Not what I want for a baby product!
My other problem is the font, I must've tried 50 different ones and nothing seems to fit.
Could someone please have a look and maybe give me some suggestions or point me in a direction of someone who can help, for a fee of course? I don't have a lot of money to spend on this, as it's never gonna more than a little side earner to help with the bills etc. So if I can, I would rather do it myself. It also needs to look good on a woven label.
I've tried to attach a screenshot, hopefully it worked.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, TIA :icon_smile:
i would revist the folowing:

1 - type - the font does not look right, try using something more friendly and target audience based like Sophie pro condensed available here , use it in lower case only. Very popular with the baby crowds.

2 - The illustration rolls into the text way too much. I think it might also be overcomplicated and not work very well across different mediums. Try simplifying it, a lot.

Hope this helps, if you would like to look at this together we can certainly help, so just give me a shout.
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Oh my, I saw the pic before I read the intro and I though "Is this going to be some Sex Shop?" I have been to Amsterdam many times and as much as I love the city it does look like something out of their red light district.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, just my thoughts! I understand that nappies have a specific function but is a bottom in this position really neccessary on the logo? I am not a parent so it's perhaps hard to form a reliable opinion but I think if I were buying nappies I'd want something that reminds be of cleanliness and "no-mess", I'd keep the logo clean and use an image which is unmistakably related to babies even if it is a baby's face rather than back-side.

Another thing to consider is that the number 1 purchaser of nappies will be Mum, so aim for something that will appeal to women and also (assuming you haven't already done so) why not try putting the logos on a "mother and baby" website forum for their opinions?

In terms of execution, I think your line work is very good and if you make the changes already suggested above regarding font and border I think you'll have something great in no time :icon_smile:
Your line work is really good, but the rest leaves a lot to be desired. Also, spelling your name with a 4 and an apostrophe is sure to cause some issues later when people are like "how do you spell that?" etc. Maybe worth rethinking the name?

Okay, onto the artwork. If I were you, I'd change the artwork of the baby's bum, as it still seems really confused. For all I love the line work of the whole piece, the positioning and things leads it to be a confused looking image. It doesn't scream sleek and professional, something I'd assume you're trying to move towards.

The red heart being where it is, well, just no. That's all there is to that, you really can't do that, it sends very bad mixed messages.

What I would do, is lose the font for now and draw and redraw that baby's bum shape, keep on working on the illustration. Then, maybe try placing it inside shape like a circle. It'll form an abstract looking logo, but that could work out quite nicely.

Keep playing with it, I think there's a way to go yet.
Thank you all for your advice :) My beloved bottom is now gone (sex shop in Amsterdam, not good lol). Back to the drawing board I go.
@Tony Hardy I see what you mean about confusing spelling, so will re think that as well.
Thanks again
Thank you all for your advice :) My beloved bottom is now gone (sex shop in Amsterdam, not good lol). Back to the drawing board I go.
@Tony Hardy I see what you mean about confusing spelling, so will re think that as well.
Thanks again

I was thinking about this again, if you have your heart set on this theme then why not have a baby from behind but sitting upright? This will hopefully avoid the potential mistake people will make about it being something other than a baby and the bottom will be visible without being in your face. Maybe you could then move the heart up to the baby's upper-back and change the style of it to look more babyish rather than seductive?
Hello again :) I've made a few changes, including the name. Does this look any better or am I still rubbish haha
I think the concept is 100% better! Good work, I think the only problem now is to do with scale. The drawing is very large compared with the text and ultimately the business name needs to take priority. Try and imagine this on a business card or letter head.

At the point where the drawing of the baby is cut away you can almost draw a vertical line, why not try using this to line up with the flat par of the letter P on much bigger text?

Nice work again though a big improvement has been made :)