Logo Business card needed


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I'm in the need of a Logo and a business card. ( i might only be able to afford a logo for the moment)
This is my current site Wedding Photographs | Wedding Photographer London | Professional Wedding Photography London I feel it looks a bit netural and drab so i'm going to be migrating everything over to a prophotoblog.

I'm quite a chatty energetic person and i want the design to reflect this, have a look at this blog » Hoffer Photography | Philadelphia Wedding Photographers | Modern Weddings and Portraits, i love the feel of it, bright, has energy.

Please email me with ideas, prices and examples

[email protected]

p.s i'm contimplating wheter to keep the name Mark Colombus Photography or just Colombus Photography
Hi Mark,
I have also dropped you an e-mail that includes some indicatiove pricing and a link to our website / portfolio.