Little wordpress project for anyone interested....


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So I downloaded the explicit theme for wordpress which looks like this...

Explicit Wordpress Theme - Home

And after about 2 hours on pulling hair out my site looks like this....

London City Fitness - Home

Spot the difference??

Basically I have no idea of how to add things to the menu, footer etc...I was naive and thought when you got a template you actually get a set template and fill in the blanks...seems thats not the case lol..

Could anyone help? Or fancy taking it on as a little job, im sure it would be easy if you know what you are doing.

Im going to write all the content during the week and getting images done next weekend.

Anyone care to help a lost cause? lol :icon_Wall:

Did you not load the sample content? Makes it far easier to work out what is where :icon_smile:

That said I have only just bashed together my first Wordpress site and it is a bit baffling to start with. Have a look on the Elegant Themes support forums. Get a lot of info on there :icon_thumbup:
I just uploaded the Zip file, i did expect some sample content...well i was hoping for some anyway.

I'll take a look at that forum tomorrow mate, thanks.
No prob. In my darkest hours (and I'm still not quite there with the site), I googled my questions, you'll fine a fair amount that way too.