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Minuteman Press

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A proposal

If you would like one way links to your site, I am willing to facilitate.
The idea is:

Respond and tell me that you are interested and the location that you would desire the link to be pointed at.

I will match links manually based on judgement of relevance and the PR of the pages.

No link exchanges or three ways. This will have to work on trust / verification. I'll inform in Forum the links and you guys should implement them.

e.g. BBC to Channel 4, Channel 4 to Sky, Sky to Dave, Dave to BBC, etc...

I do have a mild hangover, so Sabian - shoot me down (quietly).

Obviously relies on a reasonable number of respondents. Up for it? As many of your sites as you like.

For me - Printers In Bristol | Bristol Printers | Bristol Printing Company | Bristol Printer

This could be a really nice Graphic Designs Forum exclusive.