Laugh or Cry?


I feel compelled to share this with you. Couple of weeks back I was asked to do the following in an attempt to produce a file big enough for the required job.

The original file was far too small to print to the required size, instead of going back to the client to see if they could supply a higher res version, this is the course of action they took.

They printed the image off on an inkjet printer at A3 in size. From this they requested I scan it to create a bigger image for them to print from. Normally I would point out the flaw in the thinking behind this, but this company have screwed me over before so I thought I would just run with it and get paid for having a laugh at their expense. I returned a scan of a section of their inkjet print at the requested 400% blowup. I got a reply asking why the image had turned out so 'dotty', so I explained that the dots were the ink laid down by their printer.

I was then asked if I could photograph the image to increase the size, I'm sure you're all way ahead of me now. Anyhoo, photographed the images and exported them from the raw file at 72mb.

I'm still waiting to hear the outcome, as finally they have gone back to their client with a sample print of my photograph of a print of their original supplied file.

Un be fkin lievable eh?

Quality work, quality work!:icon_biggrin: