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Thanks Arrivals, I love screen printing, I am currently looking for an excuse to join there for a month and go printing mad! :)
Really good job! Why do you need an excuse - apart from the fact that it's right across town! Go for it!
I've looked at the Print Club before - I'd be really interested to hear about your experience with them. Did you do the workshop, or just drop in? Do you think it would be appropriate to a complete newbie to screen printing (I have done a (very) little, but that was 9 years and many beers ago)?

By the way - love the print!
Thanks Kate and ThreeFallingDucks :) I would say the print course I did would be very suitable for beginners the guys there are realy nice and will guide you through everything. I would be straight there Kate but its a £100 a month and I'm a bit skint Blah! but I have a friend, who might know some interested parties so far as exhibition so I'm sending her my stuff soon so she can spread the word. If it comes back good then I may join and go print crazy :)