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Hi All

I'm new to the forum and wondering if any of you could help me or point me in the right direction.

I have recently started as a self employed Graphic Designer, in Cumbria.

At the moment, I am outsourcing small digital jobs to a printer, who is a few miles away and it's costing a lot really..... so i'm thinking about getting an A4 colour laser printer, to print things myself, such as 20 posters or 100 tickets.

So I want something that is quite good, but reasonably priced.

So if any one has any preferences or opinions they are very welcome.

Many thanks
Not sure what to suggest really as I can see you having problems, how do you intend trimming what you print to a high standard? Say a customer wants a crease, fold, A2, A1?

To be honest print is soooo cheap nowadays that there really isn't any need to do it yourself, I just think you need to find a decent print company.

Speak to Neil from Scuba Print as he is very competitively priced for low run digital, alternatively for longer run stuff we can help > Print Reseller Scheme well as the other printers on here: Printing > UK Printers

Obviously you may still decide to go it alone so if anybody has any laser printer recommendations, please let us know below.
Thanks for that, I will have a look at the links.

I see what you mean about out sourcing, but I just thought it would be handy if I had a little A4 laser, I could easily print say... 20 A4 posters, it would save me time and delivery costs (mileage costs..etc...)

I also thought it would be handy to preview work? Im not sure though.

If anyone does have some views on a laser printer I would still be interested to know.

Thanks all.
We can print short runs competitively - email the artwork / paper details etc and we'll do the rest.
I know it will be cheaper.

For the volumes you indicate, it does sound like a hammer and nut. But I would say that wouldn't I?


Depends on how much you got to spend?

If you can try something that can run thicker stock as it might come in handy later

A cheap one I been using for a while now is the Epson Acculaser C900

Have had it for 4 years now and still hasn't run out of toner yet ( don't know how but it's cheap to run)
unfortunately you are limited in paper thickness

But if you got Cash to splash buy the Intec CP2020 great colour matching, runs really thick stock (up to 400gsm) you can do all your own short run business cards and everything plus it's SRA3
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My advice to you is to start getting some of the printing industry magazines to read - the ones specifically aimed at small printing firms. You will fined lots of articles about new machinery being launched for small run work.

The other thing that I would recommend is getting a copy of What to Buy For Business magazine. This has surveys of business machinery. In each addition you will fined a report aimed at one type of equipment. Eg colour laser printers. Its advice is very good. I - Printing and Graphic design in Pembrokeshire, have used it many times.

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