Landed Freelance work need advice


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Hi everyone Im new to this forum and to freelancing. I have just finished uni doing 3d computer animation. I have a background in graphic design and someone has asked me to do an advert. They want me to do a A3 leaflet (folds into a4 book). The inside is to promote 10 tools they are selling using a super hero construction worker I designed for his first advert.

Im totally new to this so I really need advice. For the 1st advert I did an a4 leaflet I negoitated £8 per hour, Im not sure if Im selling my services too cheap.

This new advert im creating is in a comic book style, so i need to create 10 panels with the character showing off the 10 tools as well as the whole layout etc.

Can anyone give me a rough price which is reasonable. I dont want to rip the guy off but at the same time i dont want him taking the micky (i.e. me not charging enough)

I have a second question regarding graphics tablets.

I want to buy a graphics tablet and I was wondering whats the best, reasonably priced one to get.
I will use it for 2d illustrations, graphic design, game texturing, zBrush, photoshop.

I have never owned one so Im not sure what to get. I would want one that has a good sized drawing area.

I've seen wacom "educational" tablets they seem to sell cheaper does anyone know what the difference is.

I live in the UK and would like to know the best place to purchase one (i.e. best deal). Is it cool buying these 2nd hand, any info would be great

sorry for the long post and barrage of questions.

Hi Steve,

I have a Wacom Bamboo. Cost me £60 from PC World. I would have bought one off eBay had I not been so impatient! eBay is probably your best bet if you're wanting to save the pennies

Also yes I think £8 is quite low, but if this is your first work then think about extending your portfolio and then increase your rates. Just be careful though as if you do repeat work then the client may still expect the same rate.

I would be looking to charge double that per hour if I was in your position.

Good luck!

ok, £8 is quite low. It depends how good you are to be honest mate. If you wish to send some design portfolio stuff over to me ([email protected]) feel free, we might be able to use you in the future and I could recommend a pricing structure for you to use in the future.

ok, £8 an hour x 40 hours, is OK wages, but not special. Then you have to add the fact that as a freelancer, you may only get 20/30 hours one week, 10 the next, 65 the next. So take that into account. Also take into account how RARE your skills are, how good you are and how much they NEED you to do it. There may be a million zillion graphics designers out there, but are they all as good as you?

Sell yourself at a higher rate and some customers will go, wow he must be good ill pay him, some on a lower budget may need negotiating but underselling can be as bad as overselling.

hope this helps mate, good luck
I bought a wacom from ebay for £90 and it was excellent value - but I find it a bit tricky to use and just reverted back to the mouse!
I's say £8 is cheap. I charge approx £50 per A4 page, but it depends how fast you work ;)
If you are creating comic strips from scratch 8 pound per hour sounds a bit low. I recommend an A4 intuos. There is no difference between commercial and eductional products-