Knowing your place in the family pecking order

My eldest daughter (now 4) made me giggle on her way to bed tonight, she decided that the empty jigsaw box in her room was a wishing well and these are her thoughts:

When she grows up she will become a princess, [every girls dream, BUT what i want to know is it still the case of the brides family paying for the 'do'? - best start saving then!!!]

when her young sister grows up she will become a doctor, [ may just help with the above]

when mummy grows up she will have a new sparkly dress and a box of 10 min hair colour to give her shiny locks, [that will be the power of advertising on the tv at work then!!!!]

when daddy grows up he will become a dung beetle. [Thanks!!!!:icon_scared:]
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:icon_lol: You got to love the things kids say! My kids have come out with some absolute jems in the past (even just mispronounsing words makes me laugh)

She has a point about the dung beetle thing though....... coz all men are stinky! (and there is also many a pun to do with shite!!) :icon_wink:


You should tell your daughter that the bad smell is from hard graft bringing money and food home to the family unit :icon_biggrin: