Kickstarter: The Graphic Cheatsheet Playing Cards | Launching 25th August, 9pm Eastern

Hi Everyone,

We have an upcoming Kickstarter which is a deck of playing cards with an added twist!
It integrates graphic design tools to help a designer get out of a design rut.
  • Features brainstorm cards (courts), color coded cards (numbered), reference cards (aces), ruler cards (jokers)
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Fulfilled by Gamblers Warehouse
If you’re interested, please follow us on IG for the latest updates: @colorcollectiveco
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Launching: 25th August, 9pm Eastern.

Any questions, please ask and also share with anyone who may have interest in this.



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Why no hex codes for colours?
Or LAB colours?

Hearts and diamonds are typically red - why do you have them black?

Can't think of something I would want less to be honest.
Be ok for a present for someone starting out.


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Why would I need a card with paper sizes? Or a card with line weights? And I've got a bunch of rules - all of which measure more than 8cm

As for colours - there are already zillions of resources.

Like @hankscorpio - said, might be nice gift but not much use as a design tool


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If have to reiterate what others have said, I’m afraid.

If I needed cards to get out of a rut, I’d far more readily turn to Oblique Strategies than a set of playing cards with line weights, type sizes and colour specs on. All that info is available in the software we all use every day anyway and staring at practical, technical information, is never going to get anyone out of a rut and encourage lateral thinking. Quite the opposite, to my mind.

Sorry to be so negative, but I just can’t imagine an occasion when I’d buy them. To be honest, I really don’t see the point.
Feedback is what makes us stronger. So thanks to everyone who have commented.

In general:
  • Colors are based off CMYK, and converting them to HEX or LAB aren't accurate from what I understand. Plus we wanted to keep the design clean.
  • Hearts and Diamonds are black for better contrast against the colored BG so its more readible.
  • Card with paper sizes because is pocketsized which you can bring around with quick access, this avoids opening up another window in the computer to access typical standards which are used regularaly.
  • Design rut issue is resolved through our "brainstorm" cards which is in a way similiar to Oblique Strategies where you randomly match a card number to the number on the court cards and use those parameters to come up with a solution, will include an image below for example.

I do encourage everyone to have a look on our page once we launch on 25th August as it will give you the whole story (currently still working through it so I cannot link you to that yet).
I have posted here to share this project conceptually and hearing this feedback helps us address your concerns.



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So this means I would use your card to find a colour idea then have to open a new browser tab to get the RGB or HEX value. Which defeats the whole point of the card.

I can buy books and guides with far more useful info.


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  • Colors are based off CMYK, and converting them to HEX or LAB aren't accurate from what I understand. Plus we wanted to keep the design clean
See rhats a problem you and many others have. Evem the RGB willnbe different on every device and screen. LAB is a far more accurate as its device independent.


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I've just been reading up on LAB (and LCH) and it all looks pretty cool. But not much use if you are designing for the web. The articles suggest RGB is a better way to go. Or RGBA if you want opacity.

@colocollectiveco - not quite sure what use your brainstorm cards will be. I can think of a dozen more styles and textures than you have listed. I expect there are far more.