Just wondering what you thought...


Hi All,
So after a loooonnngggg search and all the CV printing buisness etc, which has been very fun :)
I got a second interview with a job I had the inital interview with in July.

They said I will find out if I have the job tomorrow and I just wondered if it seemed good to you guys as I have had a lot of great help from you all so far.

Basically the job is for the british transport police working on all there graphics for the undergorund section of the BTP. I would be on my own in my particular dept and would be working with the senior designer in the main office which is in another part of London. It's good pay and with really nice people. I asked them quiet indepth and explained that I only wanted a job where I would be given the chance to be creative and not just artworking. They said as it was a very creative position and would have the chance to work on campaignes like thier pick pocketing posters for the tube etc and I would be incharge of redesigning the internal magazine as well as everything else.
it seems really great but I only have a slight concern that will I be pigon holeing myself not holding out for a postion in an agency, but them isnt every bloody person looking for that dream position and this really dose sound great. I guess i just need a little reasurance that its a good career move. I have worked my (if I had any) balls off to get to this place in my life and I dont want to make a wrong move:)

Thanks All :) (and excuse the spelling:))
pigon holeing... the underground section... I won't comment!

IMHO sounds a great opportunity and my recommendation is to go for it. Don't forget to remain yourself and bring what the interviewers recognised in you to the role and don't be weakened from those ideas, concepts, etc.

Well done. Hope you do well.
I agree, go for it. Your perfect job may in fact come from this so it's a no-lose situation. Also, you're not agreeing to a job for life, so you can quite easily leave when your initial contract runs out if it isn't what you'd hoped or if other job opportunities arise.
So having not been offered a job you weren't sure you wanted to take are you any clearer on whether or not accepting an offer would have been a good idea?
I think it would have been a great job and would have accepted it but isn't my ideal job (realistic not fantasy, that would be dessert island tester with a side line in doodling :))