Job Interview Advice needed....Please help.


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Hi guys,

I have a job interview that wasnt expected and they have asked me to produce a full project in a short space of problem in producing the work but i wont be able to do it all on A3 which i would prefer to present my work on. I will only be able to print A4 at home in the space of time i have (no time to do the work and get to a printer to print on A3) so my question you think that A4 will suffice for an interview?

I am also thinking of doing a powerpoint presentation to give the presentation a more professional look, here i can put my research on and use my Mackbook to show design work as well as the A4 folder to present sketches, drawings etc.

Or, should i mount A4 stuff onto A3, i am not keen on this idea as i feel it will cheapen the look of the work.

I am probably worrying over it a lot more than i should but i always like to get my work professionally printed, mounted, presented in folder etc and this time frame doesnt offer me this. Any advice would be great.

Are the timescales such that you really can't get into a high street print shop for while-you-wait printing to A3? If they really are that tight, I don't see how a reasonable person would have a major issue with it; maybe drop this into the conversation early on if it's the case.
Yep, timescales are very tight. I have to do the work in the evenings and working fulltime means i dont have time to get into the high street shop to print the A3. Thanks for the reply, they are very reasonable company but just dont want to be judged on this small detail but in my eyes is a not how i wanted to are right about the dropping it into convo early on, think i will do that.