It's not mine!


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I've built this using their design layouts:

They chose the font, colours and structures and refuse to budge.

But it doesn't really work for me. The questions in particular look harsh.

And the pointing finger I thing would be better going left to right.

And the background....

What does the team think?


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I only got through a couple of questions because of that background, on my iMac it's enough to bring on a migraine if not
an epileptic fit.

Don't like the highlighted questions - too distracting, and yes, finger should be pointing right, not backwards. Not keen on
the orange underscore either. For something that's supposed to be about communication, there's a lot of unnecessary elements there.


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The background actually caused me physical pain.
Who is it pointing at because it wasn't me?



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I literally went 'F*ck.... my eyes', it was painful.

You can't leave it like that, is the client just stupid or blind?

As to the rest of it, once I'd blocked the background so it was just a nice simple white, I can't say I like that either.
No idea why there's a pointing finger, hate the way the underline is working and honestly I'm not a fan of the orange either.

This is one of those sites where you show to a business class and say, this is why you hire a designer because without one you'll probably end up with this......

If I was in your shoes, I'd be saying:
Now I personally think it could look better but you're quite set on the design so I need you to sign the following document so I can 'sign the work off as completed'..... Does it work how you expect it to, do you like it, did I suggest alternative designs, did you want to go in an alternative direction as I suggested, each with a yes/no option. Can you initial here, here, here and here (ie after each question) and sign here to to say you accepted final design as shown in the screenshot below.

Thanks, here's my invoice....


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I like the orange but not the underline so much.

I like orange.

You can't polish a turd but you can paint it orange. :)