Its Friday and I cant be arsed!


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Does anyone else seem to produce absolute shite on a Friday afternoon? :icon_cursing:

I just really cant be arsed, my will to live has all but completely gone! the only thing that's keeping me going is the knowledge that my ipod is loaded with Johnny Cash and ACDC for the walk home!!

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By Friday afternoon my head is fried, nothing a few pints of stella won't fix though, have a good weekend.
Have the same old problem… Don't know if finishing at lunchtime on Fridays would help or just move the 'friday arvo lack of motivation' to friday morning? that would be a waste of a whole day


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We have an hour for lunch each day and Ive often said that cutting down to 30 mins and finish at 3pm on a friday but NOOOoooooo!!
...and that's the beauty of working for yourself. If I'm feeling like that and there's nothing really pressing to do, I'll go and pick my boy up early and go out somewhere. That, or play Team Fortress for a bit.