Is there any way a Quark 8.1 file can be opened in InDesign?


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Could any one help at all... I know in earlier versions you can open Quark files in InDesign, but am currently working on a project & the files have been supplied to me in Quark 8.1. I work in CS5 and have tried to open them, but with no joy. I have asked the sender to save the Quark doc in an earlier version, but apparently you are unable to do so in Quark 8.1 (I would not know as haven't worked with Quark in 10 years). I have also installed Quark 7.3 to try and open the doc - and STILL no luck. Can anybody help please?
There is probably software from Marxware (sp?)
The last version of Quark that would open in Indesign was Q4 as far as I am aware. I have Quark 8 (bought for the very same reason you are having. . .) If it's not a complicated job get them to save as a pdf and just reset the thing in Indesign....

Sorry can't be of more help.