Is it possible to link an image from WITHIN Illustrator?


Hello all,

I'm struggling with something at work so I just wanted to know if the following is possible (and if so, how).

I have an embedded image in Illustrator and I need to create several smaller images which are cropped duplicates of this (it's a diagram of something and the cropped duplicates are there to illustrate individual features with a small text description etc...).

Instead of linking a ton of different jpegs, is it possible to somehow link all of the closeups to the same embedded image and just mask the areas that I want?

To be clear, I would have one image embedded instead of several and the closeups would essentially be 'referencing' the main embedded image.

They don't need to be zoomed in, just separate duplications of the central image that are cropped to highlight a certain area.

Does Illustrator have a feature that does this to help keep file sizes down?