Is it just me?


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I've got a feeling that the answer to your question may be yes Paul. Just an incling though. Hollyoaks? Hang your head in shame.

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There isn't much on TV that I like - but here are some of my current must sees that you should check out Pete:

• Dexter
• Ross Kemp returns to Afganistan
• Shameless
• Culture Show

and thats about it...

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I will see a shrink first thing tomorrow!

Skins is on ITV2 (or similar) - good Bristol prog.

Whitechapel was great and the Culture show is good.

Have to say BBC7 (radio) is also tops.

Stationery Direct

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Loving Dexter, enjoyed the last series too.

The blonde or the black haired girl? What a situation to be in :icon_biggrin: