Is it hard to get a job in graphic design?


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Hi guys
I am new here and i hope that will spend much time with you guys here on the forum.
Right now i am unemployed for 2 months, have no money and (please God no) might become homeless (and im only 22) - well, its hard to find a job in london.
I love Graphic design, its my passion and i want to do it for a living, after looking 2 months for a job i found a graphic design job ad and got very excited, i am beggin the God to at least get an interview
Im a self-taught Graphic designer, ive started when i was 15 and my skill progressed over the years,
I am trying Freelance at and so far won 2 contests (within 2 months on the website)
Is it hard to get a Graphic Design job in a small office ?
Do you guys think that the competition for the job will be big ?
That job is basically my last chance, and it would be a Dream Job, and a Life changing (and life saving) great job !
Also could you guys give me your opinion about my folio ? : Profile for VarcanDesignsâ„¢ | 99designs
(its just logo design's)

So what do you guys think ?

Hi, firstly yes it is!
I don't mean to poop on your post but it is.
I have moved up to London 6mths ago and I'm still looking for a permanent position. However there are things that I can suggest to help you. (so far I have found lots of freelance work but it is really tough to find a permanent position)
Firstly get off 99 designs site! don't waste your time on this site, these contests are bad all round! and the site is not showing your work at your best. There will be lots of people that will back me up on this and they’re better at writing why than me so I'll leave it to them.
I have a site that is a template as I don’t know much about web design but I think it’s good and it’s dedicated to me not a comp site. There are lots of these and if like me you are not able to build your own then it’s a cheap option.
Don't make yourself homeless! Get a job to pay the rent and spend your time making contacts in London.
Contact agencies around you area that you like, ask them to come in for a chat and to go through you portfolio. Listen to what they say and if they seem like they like you ask if you can go in and work in their office to gain experience.
Get a wider range of work to show, as logos are really good to show your creative etc, but you will never just create logos so you will need a wide range of work eg. Brochures, posters, any print or web based design, email shots, newsletters, branding etc.
Also get your name out there twitter, blog, email post CV’s (but be careful who you send them to, research and make your CV a considered piece of design.)
I haven’t been yet but I am thinking about attending some creative meet up evenings. Creative pool do a very successful one in the middle of each month. Get some good business cards and get out there.
Finding a job takes far more effort than having one and it’s mentally exhausting so take breaks and don’t forget to enjoy yourself your only 22!
Here are a few useful sites…
Design Jobs Board
Marketing, Advertising & Design Jobs | Jobs
Advertising, creative, design, digital, media, new media and web jobs.
The Creativepool Network (London, England) - Meetup
I hope some of that was helpful and Good Luck! ☺
Everything Moominbaby says is good.
It is hard to get a job in anything relating to the print/design world at the moment. But if you keep trying you will get something. And as Moominbaby says get any job to keep the roof over your head and food on your plate.
Guys, its winter... an this moment its hard to get any job :< I have same chances to get a graphic design job or any regular service job... ITS HELL ON EARTH ! But it looks like that i might have a interview with the GD job i applied for, i just need to prepare for it, any advice ?
Cheer up! that is my first piece of advice! blimey :) Don't go to your interview all.. :( woe is me! they're looking for someone they want to work with and they'll be spending a lot of time with you so be cheerful :) and reasearch them, know what they want and what you want. Make sure your portfolio is the best it can be, write down questions for them and think about your presentation as a whole you, what you say and your portfolio

And trust me a design job IS harder to find FULL STOP! You're in London at Christmas there is lots of casual work out there. Don't have a pity party for yourself just get out there! good luck!