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We are launching a new software solution for Creative Pros to enable you to design your own magazine/publications and then publish on the iPad.

The system is free to use. It integrates completely with InDesign CS3/4/5/5.5 and is incredibly easy to use.

Sign up now and start designing some cool publications, and don’t forget to give us your feedback

Start at: GoMobile | The Ultimate iPad magazine creation tool | Try it Free

To see an example that has been created using our software visit
Perspective for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Jon Simcox
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How does this compare to Woodwing Software? Which from what i have read is the best on the market.
Apart from the cost implications, does it have all the same functionalities?
Once built how do the publications get onto itunes store?

hi there,
well of course there are a few products out there and although I am biased we don't see the ww solution as the gold standard, far from it, but they were quick off the mark.

so yes we have a lot of functionality, in recent tenders we have outshone ww and with our new ecommerce feature coming we are going from strength to stength.
costs - ww was very expensive, I am sure they have reduced their prices and don't take my work for it but ww and adobe dps tend to be lumped together in the same expensive pot. it is also worth considering that unless in their native country your ww install is going to be done by a reseller which mean extra margin and of course no direct link.
in comparison we own all of our software and therefore can react very quicky -no waiting for cs6 with GoMobile!

what kind of projects do you have in mind?

I can easily arrange for one of our team to give you an online mini training session should you want to look at the software.

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Thanks for the response.
Cross Media Digital Publishing is most definately something we are already looking seriously at in the coming few months. I will be in touch towards the end of the year. I have looked at the demo video and it seems very clean - i like it ! !
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thanks for taking a look - call us any time, I can get one of our support guys to give your a run-through via teamviewer, or if you are London based we can pop in and give you a demo.