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Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend a good insurance company with sound knowledge of the graphic design profession where I can get myself covered for personal liability and profressional indemnity please?


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That site Russell posted looks good but I wonder if they're going to hand my address out to every insurance copmany under the sun. Not a big fan of all the junk mail getting crammed through the door every day. What do you think Russell? Go for it?
I saw this the other day, had a wee nosey to get an idea of rough quote prices, and since then I have had 2 calls and 1 voicemail. The guy didn't seem to happy when I said I was just browsing.

That said, the prices that came up didn't look too bad.


I've not had any junk either email or direct mail that I can trace back to them, and the only contact I've had was through the company rather than any of it's associates. Sounds like you may be getting the hard sell Iain, but I think on price they are good.


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I used Simply Business to get my cover (kind of a compare the market type site for business insurance) Don't try and hide spam links [levi - Moderator], we find them but did seem tailor the cover well and got a good price.
Thanks, i was looking for a similar solution for my freelancing business as it's safe to get an insurance policy to protect our business from any unforeseen situation

I got banned because I tried to hide spam links in a quote, don't do what I did.
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