Initial Concept up for critique and advice

Hi Guys,

Initial logomark up for critique for a software solution and enterprise consultancy firm, hoping that a few like minded creatives will see the potential in my design before progressing any further.

My concept aims to show the consultancy firm engaging with the client to find a solution to specific issues and create a more effective, balanced operation.

The incomplete circle highlights the need for a solution, to allow for a more fluid progressive operation/enterprise.
Pixelated top right hand corner of the logomark is symbolic of the interaction and consultancy via software solution they provide- bringing guidance and a solution to specific issues.
Letter G should become apparent for the name of the consultancy firm.

Again this in the early stages of development and any guidance appreciated,


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Only the third one reads as G to me, but the squares are too big. I think you need to start breaking it up sooner after the bottom curve. Turn one
and two clockwise a bit and see what I mean.
Rotating the circle offsets the pixels coming into the right hand corner, how does this look?


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That second one is getting there. I still think it can start breaking up a bit sooner, maybe with the squares just a bit bigger to start with,
then getting smaller?
Agree with Wardy, the second version is an improvement. Maybe the squares need to vary in size/shade to better suggest movement. I think first and foremost though, it needs to clearly represent a G.