Information|Advice Beginning A Career In GD


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Hello All,

My first post, Im in the process of trying to find out whats the best way to starting a career in this industry. I have tried looking through other forums and posts but haven't quite found anything to go on.

Im currently 22 and have recently taken voluntary redundancy as i wasn't happy with my previous job, i don't have any qualifications in design or art and my last time at college was 2009 when i achieved a NVQ 3 in Site Carpentry. I now want to get into graphic design as i have always been interested in this particular subject, Im a bit stuck as of where to go from here to and to see which would be the best way to go and be on my way to start learning. If anyone could help me by telling me which option would be best e.g college,uni,courses etc it would be much appreciated! I understand this is no 5 minute type of change and theres alot of people who are finding to get work hard but as i said before any information or advice would be great.

Luca Parente
I would start by building a portfolio of work and use this to work out what type of designer you are and where you want to go.

Courses can be expensive and not as useful as you would think.

I have done a HND / BA and MA and mostly we were left to our own devises (yes it took me 3 courses to learn this).

Once portfolio developed find places where you can get peer reviews and work on any comments to further improve.

Then go to talk to local design agencies and get their feedback you may have to work from the ground up.

Hope this helps...