Infographics inspiration needed!


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Hi, I've got some work coming up that's going to need a lot of infographics to display stats, facts & figures in a non-boring way. I've dug out a lot of my old graphic design books but I figured by now my library of inspiration could desperately do with an update!!

Can anyone recommend good books about infographics and visual communication? Cheers!


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Even I want to know how? These infographics are playing a good role in explaining a topic. Could someone suggest on this please?


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There are a number of books on Infographics. Here are some:
1. The Infographic Guide for the Entrepreneurs
2. The Infographic Guide to Grammar
3. Understanding the world. The Atlas of Infographics
4. Infographics. The power of Visual Storytelling
Hope it will be helpful.
All he best