Infographic Designer Required


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Looking for an infographic designer who would like to take on freelance commissions as and when they appear from my clients.

Working in a the specific area of food policy, it would be good to build a relationship with someone so that they understand the nature of this industry.

Here are some examples of infographics that have been used in recent reports to give you an idea of the work we're competing with.

These will be ad hoc, paid commissions. If you're interested please get in touch with examples of your work. If you haven't produced infographics, but are interested, please send examples of work that show your style.

Any further questions, please get in touch.


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FAO anyone looking at this: I'm UK based and specifically looking for someone else in the UK, so that we can have good dialogue regarding the complex ideas that the work will need to convey.

I've been a director of a design agency and ex pro-photographer so understand the dynamics of this industry, any projects will pay market rate, I want high-quality work, not cheap work.


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Give me a shout and I'll do these.

And I'll give you my rate along with some examples of what I've produced before.



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Hello, I would be happy to get in involved producing some of your infographics. I have attached a link here to some samples of my work that may be of use. Please get in touch or send me a DM if you would like to know more about my rates and other projects. Thanks Jimm - Content design / info graphics