indesign PDF export error


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I have a design with the offsted logo on it, this logo is a TIFF 300dpi CMYK with a transparant background and save transparancy selected in photoshop when saving.

This logo is then placed on the design and look fine, but when exporting to a PDF (tried low and high res and press setting and all the same problem) the logo is displaying in a box!

whats going on??

any one got any ideas???


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just to make this even more confusing...

this design is for a page for a school magazine, this design is its own file which is placed into the pages of the magazine where required.

if i export the design from its own file it exports correctly, but when the page is placed in the magazine and exported the error occurs, even using the same export settings.....
fixed went to edit > transparancy flatting setting > high

then re imported / placed the page again and fine!
Really no reason to flatten transparency in PDFs - unless you're dealing with a printers that hasn't updated their workflow in 20 years.

Lately I've been sending PDFx4a with live transparency to the printers and getting excellent results.

But always check with your printers when you alter your workflow.