InDesign - Master inside another Master page


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Tried doing a google search but I think Im using the wrong keywords.

In InDesign is there a way to add master elements inside another master page?

I have multiple master pages with different backgrounds/images, all of these masters have the same header/footer info. Instead of changing this info on each master page, can I somehow create a header/footer master page then add these into the different master pages with different backgrounds/images.

A bit like the film Inception, except it's; master page within a master page.



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Start with 1 master page - add your headers/footers

Then create a new master page and in the dialog box that pops up - you can see Based on Master
Select your original one here.

Now your master page is linked to the original one.

Any changes you make to the original happen on the new one.

However, you can change things - but have to override the master page elements.
For instance, if you move the object on the B master - it's no longer linked to the position on A master.

So you can for instance - have a B master - change the colour of the text.
The colour is unlinked from the A Master.
But you should be able to change the A master text and have it update in B master.