Incorporating social media into a business card?..


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I'm working with a client on a card at the moment and they're keen to include their Facebook and twitter details within the card, without cluttering things with a long string of web addresses.

I know simply having @clientstwitterhere is probably enough information to successfully direct the viewer to twitter but /clientsfacebookhere doesn't hold the same social media connection.
Would you go for www. or include the twitter and facebook logos with the associated details (eg /clientsfacebookhere or @clientstwitterhere) next to the corresponding logo?

any other ideas on how to convey the information?
One of my clients always wants his Facebbok details on everything. I just drew up a quick Facebook looking sqaure and put his facebook addy next to it
Cheers guys. I've got a lot of space to play with so adding the logos shouldnt be an issue.
Agreed with the posters above. Definitely use a couple of small Facebook and Twitter images.
Thanks for the words of confidence Paul. I'm not sure why you felt the need to post an irrelevant link to an agency which you no longer work for but hey, it's not like you do that in every post you make is it.... oh... hang on!.... :icon_rolleyes:
Why not have a look at incorporating a qr code to direct them digitally to your printed stationery?
The card wasn't for me, it was for a brewery who've only just discovered this wonderful thing called the internet so I think QR codes would just freak them out. lol

This is what went to press:


Not 100% what I'd originally conceived as the social media was a late addition so did kind of clutter the really clean look.
What has been the percentage share of business cards designed and/or produced with QR codes in the last few months? Very approx?
Just this week we've had our first client requesting a QR code on their letterheads, but other than that none at all, so far.