Inappropriate Typography


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This police CCTV van was parked outside our offices yesterday...


Thought I'd share one of the most inappropriate uses of Comic Sans I've seen in a long time!
Ha, ha no (although I had to check Steph wasn't driving it). If I'd have done the graphics, I'd have written "you're f*cking nicked!" down the side.
"We are the 'friendly face' of crime catchers." said the police spokesman when asked why Comic Sans had been used.
Comic sans... on a funeral invoice...

Perfect for talking about death in a 'friendly' tone of voice.

Lol these are funny. But on an even funnier note.......

The company I work for use comic sans! And I created the logo...5 years ago might I add but the bosses liked it and it was an update to the gradient black and white crest they had before which they used along with their principle company logos. Basically they hadn't a brand identity at all. I came in at 16 and decided they needed one so changed it. I hate comic Sans but I used it as an option (just to fill it out) and they went with that option. We are a playground company after all...suppose it could be worse!! CRINGE! I have to look at it everyday and try and design different things using it! NOT GOOD!