In a slight quandry part II

Well I am 2 weeks into my new job and all was going well up until yesterday. Not enjoying the work at all, job title stated in the ad was "Graphic Designer" but the work appears more like an Artworker (this wasn't mentioned in the contract), so basically I am amending letterheads, designing business cards to a crappy design and there is no room for being creative. Coupled with that my colleague regularly throws a pissy-fit because of his frustrations, he then takes it out on me and starts patronising me, condescending me to the point of me thinking I'm not worthy of the ground I walk on.

My boss is very happy with the work I have done but to me this is not a job I can see myself progressing in. I'm on a 3 month probabtion and I'm wondering if I should see out this and decline the job offer (if there is one) or cut my losses now (it would be good to pocket enough money).
Stick with it the now, better to have some money coming in. I used to work for a printers (I take it that's where you're at by the sounds of it) and the work I did was mundane to say the least for about the first 2months but I think that was just the Boss Man making sure I could do it. After that it was still all the crappy stationery amends etc. but I was given good creative briefs after the probation. As for your work colleague, wait til you leave for the day, go at the same time as him and just have a quiet word and say you don't appreciate the way he talks to you in the office, you are too professional to cause a scene at work but seeing as you are now in you're on time you and off premises would just like to say he's a condescending pr*ck and either he stops or you'll find a way to make him stop - failing that just remember people like that are often threatened by somebody else's ability so it is really a compliment.
Spottypenguin has some wise words there. Stick it out for now - keep the money coming and in and look around for another job. Better to go from one job to another!
Ditto last advice but keep it polite to maintain the moral high ground. Leave with him and tell him politely to his face you don't appreciate it. It's amazing what effect a politely worded but very blunt piece of communication can have. He'll probably come back at you and say he didn't mean it - but just say nevertheless, you don't appreciate being his punch bag.