Illutrator to Flash woes!!!


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I've been asked to create a tutorial on designing graphics for a Flash game using illustrator CS3/CS4. I can design what i need in Illustrator but the graphics i create in illustrator don't import as i want them to into Flash.

for example...

1) Exporting a vector image with the gaussian blur effect as a .swf from Illustrator, and importing it into Flash changes it to a Bitmap - i need it as Vector (.swf) - is this possible?

2) Applying a clipping mask in Illustrator. An image (.swf) exported from Illustrator with a clipping mask doesn't import into Flash's just a series of shapes and paths, does anyone know how to import an object with a clipping mask into Flash.

I know that i can achieve the above effects in Flash once i've exported them from illustrator, but the idea of the tutorial is to show how easy (or not) it is to design for Flash using Illustrator with little or no experience of Flash..and not having to faff about in Flash to get the graphics looking right.

Help appreciated

I don't know if it's the method you're after, but by simply selecting all in illustrator (I used cs4), then pasting into flash (cs4), will prompt you whether you want to import using bitmap or ai importer preferences (with two additional options).
So after clicking ai importer preferences (with the two sub options enabled) the clipping mask is then freely editable in the layers palette of flash, once you've double clicked using the free transform tool.

It's worth mentioning that everything I used was grouped (including clipping mask) in Illustrator, and the group was on a single layer.