Illustrator CS6, cant bring an object forward


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Hi Guys,

I am using CS6, I downloaded a smoke Ai file from here: Blue dream smoke element vector Vector misc - Free vector for free download

I copy a group and paste it into a new file. But for some reason I can not get the smoke to bring forward or bring to front, all over objects sit on top of it.

They are on separate layers and nothing is locked..

Here is a link to my Ai file:

I am hoping that someone maybe able to help me out, if anyone can it would be really appreciated,


What are you trying to bring the smoke in front of? These sorts of effects work by using the white in the background, so if you're trying to put the smoke over the top of some sort of image, the colours of the smoke will change and will look like they're positioned behind another layer when infact they're not. The same thing happens with the flare tool.
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